What our students say about us

Alexander Sandcraft, new member 2010

“I used to get picked on at school because I’m not tall but that doesn’t happen now.  Kuk Sool Won has given me a lot of confidence and things have just got a lot easier at playtime.  The others know I’m not a target any more.”

A Letter from Jayne Howell.

Dear Sbn Lynda,

I would just like to thank you and Sbn Andy & Thomas, Psbn Aaron and a special thanks to Ksn Darien for welcoming My son Tom into your classes and understanding his needs. When Tom started he was a very quiet little boy maybe a little withdrawn, but he was welcomed into your class with big open arms. Tom has just been told that he has 98% Dyslexia, he found it difficult at school.

I had tried for 8 years to get help with not much luck. Tom started Kuk Sool in September 2011. In November the UK championship was in Liverpool and to my disbelief Tom decided to enter, he looks up to Ksn Darien who took him under his wing, helping him all the way with his Sparring and Techniques. All credit must go to Ksn Darien for supporting Tom all the way as Tom seemed to understand him and did everything he was told and he came away from Liverpool with Gold medal for sparring and Bronze for Techniques, what an achievement.

Since Liverpool Tom has entered some inter club competitions getting 3 Golds 2 Silvers and a Bronze and is looking forward to the European Tournament in Kings Lynn. With all this support in the last 8 months Tom has improved at school and can now read, write tell the time and is much more confident and his behaviour is improving.

Again thanks go to Sbn Lynda, Andy & Thomas, Psbn Aaron, special thanks to Ksn Darien.

Note from Tom, he says he is doing it for Ksn Darien.

Message to students from KSW webmaster –  If you’d like to say something about why you enjoy Kuk Sool Won, email me at andygillingwater@msn.com, with a photo if you have one handy. Thank you.